Why Should You Let Something as Trivial as Money Stop You From Exploring the World?

There’s nothing quite like seeing the world. From a weekend on a secluded beach, right through to a month of backpacking your way through three different countries. It’s sad to say, however, that many would-be explorers never get to see such sights because they let a relatively limited budget get in the way. If this sounds like you then have we got some tips that are about to open up your travel possibilities!

Keep Your Luggage Light. And I Mean Light.

One of the biggest deterrents against booking those cheap flights that you see advertised if the luggage limits. Often, the price doesn’t include any checked baggage, which is where much of the hidden cost comes from. However, with the generous carry-on size allowance plus a ‘personal item,’ you can pack a week’s worth of necessities into a carry-on, you just need to know how:

– Start by taking your clothes and rolling them up. It’ll save more space that you would expect.

– Next, take a browse of the Groupon Coupons page for Bed Bath & Beyond to find travel-sized toiletries.

– Instead of taking three pairs of pants, take one pair of durable jeans.

– If you have bulky shoes of jackets, wear these on the plane and then store them in the overhead bins.

Simple ideas like these save small amounts of space which quickly adds up. Take a look at your current luggage and then make it a personal challenge to get it into a carry-on sized bag.

Strength in Numbers

Most organized tours are expensive. However, not all of them cost a small fortune. Look for budget tour groups that save money by crossing borders on foot and by staying with locals in the areas you visit. Not only can these keep your costs down but it’s a great way to learn about local culture and get tips and advice.

Speaking of Advice

If tours aren’t your thing, the best place to get local advice on where to stay and what to see on a budget is in the queue for local street food. Instead of seeking out something familiar with a branded logo, look for the busiest street market and get in line for local cuisine. While you’re waiting, chat with the locals; many of them will be willing to show you around for free and even invite you into their home to exchange stories. Just as much as they are foreign to you, you are just as exotic to them.

Take it from somebody who has done it many times before; traveling the world doesn’t need to empty your bank account. You just need a bit of experienced help, such as the tips provided above. So take these on board and get out and see the world!