Want to Avoid Road Crashes? Here is How to Drive in America

Are you planning to travel from the UK and stay in the US for some time? Well, you will need a car to move about but as many people say, everyone in the US drives on the left. It is an old joke but how do you cope with the changes in road systems?

If you listen to golden oldies country music or contemporary songs, there is always fascination with driving in America. However, this fun comes at a price. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Transportation (NHTSA) reported in July that over 6,500 people died on the roads in the first quarter of 2014.

While the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) argues that this is a 4.9% drop from last year, it is still a grim figure. On these roads, you need to know how to drive safely and avoid becoming a statistic in these precarious highways.

Considerations on Driving on American Roads

Firstly, you need to debunk myths and misconceptions that have lured many motorists to accidents. Here are some factors to understand:

Never get into a car without adequate insurance: This is a no-brainer as every state has strict laws requiring all drivers to have insurance cover for their vehicles. Whether it is a rental, SUV, truck or any other type of car, make sure it is under insurance cover for your protection and that of other road users.

Don’t be fooled by weather conditions: Many drivers believe that wet conditions cause accidents but they are wrong. Just ask yourself, if you were driving across Chicago during the rainy season, how would you do it? Slowly and carefully, of course. Research shows sunny conditions are culpable for more accidents than icy or rainy conditions. In short, be more careful on sunny days.

Night travel is dangerous: There is no gainsaying the fact that roads have less traffic during the night. However, you will encounter poor vision, drunk drivers and other such situations. As such, despite fewer vehicles on the road more accidents happen at night.

Avoid drunk driving: You might have had the last night of partying if you are not careful while driving.If you cause a DUI accident, you will most likely end up in jail or paying a hefty fine. More states are formulating stringent laws especially involving fatal DUI accidents, so beware.

Beware of City intersections: NHTSA reported in 2008 that over 30% of accidents occurred at these spots and you should be on the lookout.

Be careful on urban roads, even more careful in the countryside: Urban accidents mostly involve small accidents but country road accidents are more serious. This is because the speeds on these roads are faster and limits fewer.

You should always be alert on the road to avoid such accidents. However, they say an accident is like love, it happens unexpectedly and violently. For this reason, you need always to look for cheap insurance any time you buy a car.

While some argue it is not possible to get affordable insurance, you just need to get the right car, drive safely, go back to driving school, and avoid adding just anybody as a first driver. You can get multiple cheap quotes on online insurance forums while also learning more about safe driving practices.

Driving doesn’t have to be a dreadful affair if you are a visitor. If you are in the know about what to avoid, you are safe. With cheap insurance cover, you are even safer in case another driver rams into you.

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  1. Craig says:

    This is great advice, I’d also like to add that you shouldn’t drive in a city like Boston or New York if you are timid behind the wheel. People are crazy aggressive and if you don’t know what you’re doing you can easily get into an accident